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U energia

U energia, previously Eléctrica Sollerense, is an energy provider and nationwide telecommunications operator based in the Balearic Islands. 

Owned by EL GAS SA, a pioneer in energy in Mallorca. The company was formed in 1892 and originally only produced gas but later supplied Vall de Sóller with electricity, offering their services to the towns of Sóller and Fornalutx. U energia also currently participates in the distribution of electricity through Vall de Sóller Energia SLU and in companies dedicated to the production of renewable energies, such as photovoltaic, hydroelectric and wind power.

U energia, like all distributors purchases its energy from the electricity market, paying the transport and distribution networks access tolls in order to meet the estimated demands of its customers.

The hourly price of energy usage in the Balearic Islands is the average hourly price in the national market.

The experience we have acquired over the years has allowed us to provide a wide range of services based on the criteria of energy efficiency and cost reduction, such as:

  • Electricity supply at a competitive price
  • Personalised customer support by an account manager to facilitate all communication and inquiries, either by telephone, e-mail or in person at one of our offices
  • A variety of services and facilities are offered through our website
  • Advice on the adequacy of the purchase power agreement and more favourable tariffs depending on the expected demand
  • Commercialisation of green energy of cleaner and ecological origin, that helps to conserve the environment. Once certificates proving the renewable origin of energy are obtained, it will be sufficient to cover the expected demand
  • Other personalised services offered associated with energy efficiency measures are the installation of capacitor batteries or small installations for self-consumption

We hope to provide you with the most appropriate solutions at competitive prices, whilst maintaining an incomparable level of service. We are available to help with any queries you may have. Please check our contact information