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Questions about our Mobile Contracts

Is there a commitment to stay?

There is no commitment to stay. We are confident with the great service we offer and do not think there is any need to bind people with these types of commitments.

Can I keep the same mobile number?

Yes, we take care of the entire portability process.

How does the portability process work?

In order to begin the portability process we need a copy of your identification.  If your landline is also prepaid, we will need your current ICC SIM card number. Once we have this information and you have signed the contract, we can start the process which usually takes around 48 hours.

Before the day of portability, we will send you an e-mail to confirm when the change will be made. The process of switching providers always takes place between 2 and 6am. Once the process is complete, you can put your new SIM in your phone, and if you have contracted information you will have to change your APN settings.

How can I find my SIM number (ICCID)?

If you have an Apple device you can find your SIM number by going to settings -> general -> information -> ICCID

If you have an Android device you have to install some of these applications to be able find the number. A SIM Card or ICCID number are two numbers that we have verified that work correctly and are very easy to use.

You always have the option to remove the SIM from your phone as it will have the number printed on it.  

How do I configure the APN?

With Apple devices you can directly download the below file on your phone and it will be automatically configured

Icon APN iOS (1.7 KB)

Icon APN iOS guide (1.0 MB)

For Android devices you can download our configuration manual

Icon APN Android guide (1.1 MB)

Can I share my data?

Yes, you can activate data sharing on both Android and iOS devices.

For iOS devices you will have to access Settings -> Mobile data -> Options -> Mobile data network -> Share internet. In this section you must configure the access point: and the other blank specifications.

What is the certified contract?

It is an electronic signature method with notarial intervention that allows you to sign the contract at any time of the day without having to visit one of our offices.

The contract is sent by e-mail and all you have to do is follow the instructions and accept the agreement. It is very clear and you can see the contract you need to sign. Once accepted, you are sent a detailed copy of the agreement.

We are kept up-to-date with the process and know when the agreement has been accepted by the customer.
When we receive notification of the acceptance, we will begin the portability process.

Are these promotional prices?

These prices are not promotional. We have tried to offer our high quality service at a price that everyone can afford.

Do you have a voicemail service?

Of course, you can access the voicemail by calling 121. If you are abroad you can do it by dialing +34 911 090 099

Below you have at your disposal a table with the available functions.

U_configuracion_buzon_voz_01_ENG.jpg U_configuracion_buzon_voz_02_ENG_ok.jpg


In all those fields where "NUMBER" is specified, you can enter the phone number to which you want to make the call forwarding or 121 to forward to voicemail.